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a clock with a candle in the middle and a heart hanging from it's side
a small wooden box with flowers and hearts on it's sides, sitting on a white surface
four clay pieces with birds on them hanging from hooks and one has a birdhouse in the middle
there is a shelf with rocks in it that has holes for compartments to hold them
How to hand build a wall candle holder ❤️
How to hand build a wall candle holder ❤️ ••• Follow @susan_isherwood_ceramics for more!
an assortment of vases with flowers and plants painted on the wall in different styles
accent wall
#homedecor #bedroom #interiordesign #DIY #decorideas #walldecor #bohodecor #modernfarmhouse #homedecorinspiration #kitchendesign #minimalistdecor #maximalistdesign
several decorative items are arranged on a white wall, including vases and bowls with plants growing out of them
a small shelf with flowers and candles in it on a white surface next to some plants
Beauty Break: 06.16.23
a candle is lit in an orange and white bowl hanging from the wall with a flower design on it
three wooden pegs with cats on them hanging from the wall