Crazy sexy fun traveler

Crazy sexy fun traveler

Crazy girl who made traveling the reason of her life:))) I live to travel, I travel to live!
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By Alexandra Kovacova 1. Find what you would do for free Some people call these hobbies, but they hold so much more space than simply being a part of your life, these are the things pointing you towards your purpose in life, your dharma. The things you love so much that you would do Read More >>

What I Learned Being the Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler

Beach Blanket Babylon Pineapple Princess | San Francisco, CA

Saints Peter and Paul church Washington Square San Francisco | San Francisco, CA

Beautiful Sausalito waterfront | San Francisco, CA

Alcatraz cruises ferry

hiking dangerous Slovak Paradise mountains in Slovakia

floods in Siem Reap in Cambodia in October 2011