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Here is another version that is in use by our studio. The story behind is similar to the last one, it is also about the process, but the different one. It is more about the strategy than the design...
Kiss me!
Kiss me! by Manuel Steinhauser
Beso by Mailen Lázaro
lips by sasa
Bubblegum and Lips
Bubblegum and Lips by Stanislav Mikhaylov
ginjol Rap lips
ginjol Rap lips by Ginjol
a pair of white hair dryers sitting on top of a yellow wall
Papercraft Stop Motion 'Slim Vlaanderen'
Voor deze opdracht hebben we alles uit de kast gehaald. Van papercraft stop motion tot klassieke 2D animatie. We creërden 8 verschillende casevideo's voor online gebruik. + CRAFTING onder leiding van Jolien Arits + STOP MOTION: Bavo Croes + 2D ANIMATION onder leiding van Kamiel Bral + COMPOSITING: Bavo Croes & Jolien Arits + PRODUCTION: Jolien Arits + CONCEPT: Sabouge © 2018
a hand holding an eyeball in the palm of it's left hand, against a pink background
Tyler Spangler - Work copyright © Tyler Spangler...
Tyler Spangler
a drawing of a hand with pink nail polish holding up two red links in the air
Tyler Spangler - SHOP ~ Work copyright © Tyler Spangler...
SHOP ~Work copyright © Tyler Spangler Instagram - Facebook
three orange objects floating in a red and black swirly pattern, with an optical illusion behind them
Tyler Spangler - Art Copyright © Tyler...
Tyler Spangler
Nike Free/ potencial design
Nike, design, Leo Natsume, sports, popular, dribbble, shots, beard, hipster, mobile, earphones, motion graphics, motion design