Shizuko Haruno

Shizuko Haruno

Slovakia / Rada kreslím komixy, pozerám amine a čítam mangu a taktiež píšem príbehy :-)
Shizuko Haruno
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Lineart and colored by Dennis © Masashi Kishimoto Look at our galleries: Naruto - linearts Naruto - renders Naruto - scans Anime - l. The Team 7 evolution


Omg XD XD I love all three of these girls. We're just missing Hinata and Tenten :) I honestly love their friendship, and I bet when they're married and have kids and their kids become friends they'd be like, the new generation of the Allied Mom Force!

Sasuke and Sarada

Sasuke sending a gift to Sarada while he's away. Sakura having Sarada write a cute letter to send back to Papa. Sasuke recieved the letter and dies of cuteness~

The Fourth War Part 1 by neonanything

Iv pinned this befor I just need to again this is so butiful and he never overlooked her power but let you find it with lady tsunade