Tiny House

These neat tiny houses can be built very cheaply and can accomodate sleeping areas in the loft, have small kitchens, and bathroom with shower. Live tiny, and…
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a small shed with a green roof and white shutters
Chuck's Workshop Shed
Chuck built his neat workshop shed using my 12'x22' barn with front porch plans. It's such a blessing to get shed pictures from customers who buy my plans, build a shed using those shed plans, take pictures, then send them in to me. You can see more of Chuck's awesome shed by clicking on the picture.
Shed Lofts Are Great!
Adding a loft to your shed is not hard. Here's a collection of sheds that provide great loft storage including 2-story shed examples. I'll show you how to make sure your shed loft is safe and what size lumber is suitable for building your shed loft floor. Shed lofts are great for livable sheds, shed houses, tiny houses, cabins, and more. Learn more today about building your shed loft by clicking on the link.
Diy Shed Home, Tiny House, Small Cabin
Here's some easy to use shed plans that will help you build a shed house, tiny home, or small cabin. The huge shed loft is great for an 2nd story bedroom. The shed porch is 6' x 12', and there's plenty of room downstairs for a small kitchen, bathroom, and sitting area. These detailed and full color small barn plans are an instant download and come complete with building guide, materials list, and email support.
12x22 Barn Style Shed House
This shed house is 12' wide x 22' long with a 6' front porch. Shed plans come complete with full building guide, materials list, detailed blueprints, and email support. Learn more today and start building your backyard shed house, guest house, granny flat, or small cabin with loft tomorrow.
the plans for a small cabin are shown in three different views, including one with a loft
12x22 Wilderness Cabin
Build a neat cabin in the wilderness with these 12x22 barn shed plans. Living space on the first floor is 12x16, 6' front porch, and 12x22 huge loft area for everyone's sleeping area. You can also use the plans to build your tiny house, backyard home office, workshop, craft studio, shedhome, or grandparents bungalow.
the backyard guest house plans are easy to build and cost less than $ 10, 000
Backyard Guest Houses
These backyard guest house plans are perfect if you need to provide a home for a loved one, a space for guests, a place for a caregiver and more. Your instant plan download includes detailed blueprints, comprehensive building guide, email support, 3d virtual reality model, and materials lists. Start building your livable shed today by clicking on the link to learn more.
the plans for a shed with lofts are shown in three different styles and sizes
12x22 Barn Shed Plans
This gambrel shed house with loft is easy to build with my detailed blueprints, comprehensive construction guide, materials list, 3d model, and email support from me the shedmaster at shedking.net. Learn more and purchase the plans by clicking the link.
the tiny house plans with loft are shown in three different stages, including one being built
Tiny House with Huge Loft
This 12x22 barn shed is the perfect size for a tiny house and has a huge loft that can be modified any way you want for sleeping quarters. Sit out on the 6' front porch and relax after a hard day's work. Add a kitchen, bathroom, and sitting area on the first floor and you're all set.
the plans for a tiny house are shown in three different views, including an open porch and
12x24 Barn Plans
Build your neat tiny house with these easy to use 12x24 barn shed plans that feature both a huge bottom floor and nice loft for sleeping area.
three different views of the inside of a house with two people standing in front of it
How to Build a Shed, Shed Designs, Shed Plans
a house being built with people standing on the front porch and roof trussed up
12x16 Barn with Porch Plans, barn shed plans, small barn plans
This tiny house is 12x16 in size, has room for sleeping in the loft, and on the first level a sitting area, kitchen, bathroom, and stairway up to the bedroom. Learn more about building this tiny house at my website.