Cast on row with odd # of stiches First row k1 p1 k1 p1.... Row 2 p1 k1 p1 k1... Row 3 p1 k1 p1 k1... Repeat this patern

It's not the traditional moss stitch more like the "Diamond Moss Stitch." See the video: With its attractive diamond design and simplicity, the moss stitch is a great knitting pattern for beginners and expert knitters alike. Learn how to knit it!

Herringbone how-to from Purlbee The close-up photos are all amazing, I love tutorials like this because I am good at screwing up and need all the help I can get with knitting!

Whit's Knits: Big Herringbone Cowl - The Purl Bee - Knitting Crochet Sewing Embroidery Crafts Patterns and Ideas! The Herringbone stitch. Knitting that looks woven

How to tie a magic knot

May 23 How to Tie a Magic Knot

"When you need to undo your knitting for several rows but not all the way back to the beginning."

UNDO knitting the easy way . The real challenge to your nerves comes when you need to undo your knitting for a few rows, but not back to bare yarn. If you want to make life easier for yourself, try this lovely trick:.

Triangles scarf method

Pioneer Braid Scarf