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Cabinet of Curiosities (standard) 2 -- this is interesting. Sort of steampunk, and weren't these popular in the Victorian era?

Cabinet de curiosité M

Vampire hunting kit

Vampire hunting kit


Vampire Killing Kit 2 by on @deviantART

Vampire Killing Kit 2 by PReilly on DeviantArt

Vampire Killing Kit 2 by on @deviantART

A box from the 1890s containing equipment to kill a vampire. Belief in the existence of vampires persisted throughout the 19th century and the study of vampirism increased in popularity after the publication of Bram Stoker’s novel ‘Dracula’ in 1897. This kit contains various items to slay the undead including: a rosary, crucifix, pistol, silver bullet mold, a hammer and 4 stakes, a copy of the Bible, three glass bottles containing holy water, consecrated earth and garlic paste

G. D. Falksen

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Vintage Antique Catholic Religious Last Rites Priest's / exorcism Kit NO RESERVE


Propnomicon: Van Helsing Vampire Hunting Kit

Van Helsing Vampire Hunting Kit

I think this is the first time I've spread a project over multiple days because it was so big. Dale Bigford is the creator of this immense vampire hunting kit, which takes the tropes of the genre and turns them up to 11. Out of the dozens of kits that have been featured here this one easily takes the top spot in terms of size and the number of items included. The sheer amount of work assembling everything and then carefully packing it up in an orderly fashion is mind-boggling. Here's Mr…

Vampire-hunting kit

Hunting Gear

Vampire-hunting kit

I made this, which is almost identical for our 2012 Vampire Mystery Party. Love it- plus it was a hoot to make!

I made this, which is almost identical for our 2012 Vampire Mystery Party. Love it- plus it was a hoot to make!

* Vampire Killing Kit ~ by Jacob Petersson *


Following the death of François de la Motte, Baron d'Aulnoy a curious entry appears in the house inventory- item nr 1443, a preserved "Lutin" under blown glass dome. The item was presumably donated to the curiosity cabinet of king Louis XIV. It disappeared however, during the turbulence of the revolution and the current whereabouts of the Lutin d'Aulnoy remain unknown. An ordinary hovering french gnome-mummy, a Lutin to be precise. This was a commissioned project and I can't take credit for…

Vampire Killing Kit Chest, Continental circa 1900, wow another one!

305: Vampire Killing Kit Chest, Continental circa 1900 - Jun 09, 2012 | Sterling Associates in NJ

Vampire Killing Kit Chest. Continental circa 1900 Chest includes: 3 crucifix, 2 stakes, mallet, vials, bible, mirror,... on Jun 09, 2012

Vampire Killing Kit

Vampire Killing Kit

Vampire-hunting technologies of yore – Boing Boing

Vampire-killing kit | Boing Boing

A BB reader spotted this antique vampire-killing kit at an antiques show this weekend. You may purchase it from Best of France Antiques in Buckingham, Pennsylvanie. Included are a pistol, a stake, garlic, holy water, mirror, bible, silver bullets, and crucifixes. It's $9,000, which is quite a bargain if you are in need of such…