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a black and white image of a spatula with the word grl on it
Some Very Clever Typography with Hidden Symbolism
Some Very Clever Typography with Hidden Symbolism - joyenergizer
a man holding a fish in his hands while wearing a t - shirt with the words menard on it
F. Ménard | Identity Designed
F. Ménard brand identity
three different logos are shown in black and white, one has an evil face on it
Showcase: 40 Restaurant Identity Projects
Logotype for butchery Prochazka by Vera Matys
the kitchen is clean and ready to be used as a backdrop for an upcoming show
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
Vintage style logo for butcher
an assortment of brochures, envelopes and business cards are displayed on a table
F. Ménard
the arrogant butcher's brochure is displayed on a gray background
Arrogant Butcher restaurant. menu, biz card, logo #identitydesign
the logo for prime cut is shown in blue and white colors, with an image of a
Prime Cut Butcher Logo
Prime Cut Butcher Logo
a man in an apron holding a knife
The Chop Shop Neighborhood Meat Market #butcher by PTARMARK INC
the steak house logo is shown in red, white and black colors with an image of a
Steak House Logo
Steak House Logo,agressive agency, animal steak, beast app, beef, bovine, buffalo, bull, clothing, conceptual toro, corporate, cow, creative transport, design strength company, eat, Eatery, finance branding, food, horns, industrial brand, investment business, marketing identity, meat eating, media management, modern restaurant, royal brave, taurus livestock, texas ranching, transport star, wild studio, wine
the logo for cleveland state university's farmers market, which is located on an old wooden
6 fabulous designs for farmers markets
With more and more of us buying our food directly from producers, how are branding agencies aiding the rise of the farmers market movement? More
the logo for kitchen table dogpatch, which is designed in black and white
tasty lockup
Kitchen Table Sf Logo A
the butchery logo is on top of a brown paper bag with scissors in it
butcher shop logo
butcher shop logo - Google Search
several different types of surfboards are stacked on top of each other in this photo
Wicked Barrel Brewery
Wicked Barrel Brewery beer packaging designed by Stefan Andries -
an info sheet showing different types of meat