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Giuseppe Zanotti “Bridget” sandals

Giuseppe Zanotti “Bridget” sandals

There’s nothing better than an outfit that’s comfortable and actually stylish, right? To get the best of both worlds, we have 15 totally casual outfit ideas for you to try. Scroll though for awesome style inspiration!

The Okinawan diet: In this infographic, discover 11 ingredients found in the diets of the people of Okinawa, many of whom live well into their hundreds.

Exaltus produced an infographic for Wafu Inc., on 11 Ingredients for a Longer Life. Okinawa is a Japanese island whose inhabitants live well into their hundreds. Browse this infographic to find out which 11 ingredients can be found in the Okinawan diet.

Photographer Alexander Khokhlov and makeup artist Valeriya Kutsan combine their skills to mesmerizing effect in or not a surprising photography project that transforms model's faces into mind-bending optical illusions.