silvia sisakova

silvia sisakova

silvia sisakova
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Würdevoller Aristokrat   #Amaryllis #Formallinear #Strauß #Floristik #Floralart  EBK-Blumenmönche Blumenhaus – Google+

Würdevoller Aristokrat #Amaryllis #Formallinear #Strauß #Floristik #Floralart EBK-Blumenmönche Blumenhaus – Google+

Hot Glue Waterfall – Happiness is Crafting!

Today I am featuring a very creative ft project by Artist ‘Sneha Chaurasia’. This beautiful decorative waterfall model is made using Hot Glue. I thought this idea is really sm…

Tires are a huge headache when it comes to waste management and recycling, but there are clever DIY ways that each of us can reuse and recycle them and save them from entering the environment or taking up space in our landfills. Most studies indicate that tires will slowly leach toxic chemicals into the surrounding …

Why is so important to know how to reuse old tires? Old tires are normally thrown out or at the very least end up sitting around in the garage or yard collecting dust. Disposing of old tires is a g…