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Thank you Laenos for putting your two cents in on what rough design to choose.D With a few tweaks here and there this is the final design. :D Update - A little backstory: The females are Guardians that see to the wounded on the.

Regrets, Sadness, Teeth, Depression, Grief, Other, Tooth, Dental

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There are two wolves inside of you.which one will you feed? Love the concept. I& always fed the evil wolf . It& taken me a long time to find god and finally feed the good wolf . He was starving !

Eragon was full of wonder and amazement when he saw Arya, his elven friend, fly through the air on Fírnen, the first new dragon since Sapphira was born. Fírnen is the third dragon in Alagaesia so it's understandable why Eragon is facsinated.