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Dang it, why didn't this happen in the Dragons short?! I JUST WANT TO SEE THEM HUG AGH

can you draw a alternate timeline where hanzo is crying and bawling and hugging genji instead of trying to fight him AGAIN

Genji x Mercy. I'm still trying to decide if i prefer this or 76 x Mercy.

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I pinned this a second time lol. I like to think that Hanzo didn't have a choice in the matter. And he also has a dark, emotionless, killer that he keeps locked up. But that is just how my mind works

I didn’t need my heart

gunnslaughter: “Instead of doing fluff, I accidentally drew McHangst. Sorry not sorry, I love Fighting Boyfriends! Venting after a really stressful week. I’ll probably continue the comic next.