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a drawing of a sea horse surrounded by plants
Whimsical Seahorse - Bright Bubbles
Dive into the enchanting depths of this vibrant digital illustration, where a majestic seahorse takes center stage in a dazzling display of colors. The intricate details and vivid hues create a mesmerizing underwater world, capturing the essence of beauty
a colorful pillow sitting on top of a wooden bench
Emily Peacock
an image of a duck made up of squares
an image of a lobster on a piece of fabric
A Good Catch - Mollie Makes | Everand
an octopus is depicted on the back of a white shirt with blue and yellow accents
a cross stitch pattern with two fish on it
an octopus painting on the wall next to a lamp and vase with flowers in it
Counted Cross Stitch Kits — Emily Peacock
Counted Cross Stitch Kits — Emily Peacock
a cross stitch lobster hanging on a blue and yellow wall with an orange stripe in the background
lobster cross stitch pattern
Make Emily Peacock’s lobster wall hanging! Find the tutorial in issue 133 of Mollie Makes #craft
an octopus with large eyes and blue tentacles is shown in front of an orange background
Octopus card back 9, dlart
Octopus card back 9, on ArtStation at
two colorful pillows sitting on top of a basket
an orange and pink pillow sitting on top of a basket filled with balloons in the background
Counted Cross Stitch Kits — Emily Peacock
a colorful pillow sitting on top of a stone wall next to the ocean
Emily Peacock Counted Cross Stitch Kits
Emily Peacock Tina Crab
a colorful toucan bird on a purple background with pink trimmings is featured in this needlepoint pillow
Imaginative and stylish needlepoint kits - Ehrman Tapestry
Rainbow Toucan Magie found this joyous riot of colours irresistible. The rainbow Toucan's bill looks heavy and cumbersome but is in fact a spongy, hollow bone covered in keratin, a very light, hard protein. They are social birds and fly in small flocks through the lowland rainforests of Central America, Colombia and Venezuela. A magical sight.
four pillows with different designs on them sitting next to each other in front of a pink background
Emily Peacock
four decorative pillows on a couch
Designer Profile: Emily Peacock – Nuts about Needlepoint