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a stack of candles sitting on top of a wooden table
TopGesicht Architecture
a stack of cups made out of rocks and gold rimmed tins sitting on the floor
50 Easy Home DIY Project Ideas and Designs — RenoGuide - Australian Renovation Ideas and Inspiration
three pine cone ornaments with eyes on them
60+ Eye-Popping Pine Cone Crafts to Doll Up the House for the Festivities
the steps to make a diy photo frame with twigs and eggs in it,
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diy twig candle holder
D.I.Y Candle Holder With Branches!
pink flowers are in a vase next to two lanterns and a candle holder on the ground
a wall hanging with various decorations and bird tags on it's hooks, attached to the side of a building
Wohndeko -
three heart shaped ornaments hanging from a rope on a blue wall in the shape of a trellis
Stokjes gekocht bij de Intratuin en allemaal verschillende hartjes verzameld. Alle hartjes met touw eraan gehangen en je hebt super leuke decoratie voor aan de muur. Je kan er natuurlijk om de zoveel tijd een keer wat anders aanhangen... . Foto geplaatst door Joyce1989 op