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En OrtoDent contamos con tratamientos de ortodoncia que se ajustan a tu estilo de vida. #Creandosonrisas

Keep Calm and Wear Braces! Orthodontic Marketing ideas custom designed for your practice.

Types of orthodontic retainers. Visit

Types of retainers that hold your teeth straight after braces: clear retainer, Hawley retainer, fixed bonded retainer. Cornejo likes clear retainers the best, but we offer them all! Call us today if you need a new retainer

Orthodontic braces survival Kit: Health & Personal Care.

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dental infographics #DentistGrantsville

Aubert and Nguyen Orthodontics offer all of these treatments! Give us a call at and we can discuss your options!

Taking Care of Your Braces and Teeth Infographic...

If so, cleaning your teeth may be more difficult than it was without these orthodontic devices! Take a look at this Kansas City braces infographic for professional orthodontist tips for maintaining oral health during this treatment.

1. Plackers Orthopic ks  2 . Colgate Wisp    3. Orthodontic rubber bands 4. Mini toothbrush and toothpaste 5. Orthodontic wax 6. ...

Colgate Wisp Orthodontic rubber bands Mini toothbrush and toothpaste Orthodontic wax .