Simona Vojenčiaková

Simona Vojenčiaková

Dbaj na to, aby tvoj život bol svedectvom lásky. (Marian Szulowski) „Nechoď von, do seba sa vráť, vo vnútri človeka pravda prebýva“sv Augustín Okrem lásky nie j
Simona Vojenčiaková
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Rose Gold Art Copper Print Geometric Art Blush by PrintAvenue

Scandinavian Design Printable Art Navy Print Blush Print Geometric Wall Art Rose Gold Print Navy Home Decor Blush Decor Triangle Poster

In my home and here on the blog, I try to do original and unique projects. Even when I see something I love on Pinterest, I often challenge myself to tweak the concept just enough to call it my own. Well friends, this is not one of those times. The fact of the matter is …

"Cheaper, quicker, easier (to do & change) way to make an accent wall? Might have to try. The Homes I Have Made: DIY Gold Polka-Dot Wall" - I SO want to do this somewhere in my house. Maybe in the office in my craft corner?

Nautical Baby Shower Centerpiece, Navy Blue and White Stripes Distressed Mason Jars, Painted Ball Jars, Rustic Home Decor, Gold Mason Jars by MyHeartByHand on Etsy

I like the idea of the striped navy/white paint on an actual vase or bowl or other accessories and paired with gold vases/bowls/accessories