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15 Life-Saving Tips for the Most Overwhelmed Mom! - Simple Living Mommy #parenting #overwhelm #momtips #momhacks

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I'm Stuck in an Abusive Relationship
9 Ways To Cope With Divorce.
Is your marriage important to you? Then you need these boundaries in marriage to protect it #marriage #relationshipadvice #marriageadvice #christian #boundaries

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Married life is hard on its own, but #marriage after kids, that's a whole new ballgame. You can read all the marriage quotes and marraige advice you want, but #parenthood changes you and your relationship. Still, many women don't give the dads in their life enough credit. #Fathers need appreciation on more than just Father's Day, so to all the hard-working husbands and fathers out there -- thank you!

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If you are a rustic, farmhouse kind of lady like me, then you probably love a good rustic ceiling beam, too! Click to see how I created a rustic ceiling beam for my kitchen. Read on to get more painting and decorating ideas for the modest home. #DIY #modesthome #rusticbeam
Top 7 Game of Thrones Filming Locations in Malta
SelfPubBookCovers: One-of-a-kind premade book covers where Authors can instantly customize and download their covers, and where Artists can post a cover and name their own price.

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Positive thinking, encouragement and motivation fights discouragement. Thinking positive keeps us inspired to face problems and reach goals. Life lessons will help us keep positivity and motivation attainable. Life-truths that keep us grateful, happy and positive are like gold! #lifehacksthatwork #motivationaltruths #tipsforpositivethinking
Tips and support for telling children about a pregnancy loss. #pregnancyloss #miscarriage #supportingkids #oneinfour

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When your mind moves as fast as the computer keys, you tend to overproduce. It's like taking down all the professor's notes in class. While everything gets consumed none of the words have staying power. There's no such thing as a tranquil flood of information. READ MORE > #author #writing #writingtips #amwriting #blogging

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1 Dress 3 styles! Make A Slip Dress look Different every time you wear it! |Elements of Alicea| #fashion #womenfashion #dresses #fallstyle #winterstyle #shoes
Gift ideas for working mom, affordable gifts for mom, gifts under $25. #workingmom #giftideas #giftsformom
I have a love affair with the polka dot fashion trend, and there’s no denying it! From oversized dots, to barely there itty-bitty dots, polka dots of all sizes are here to stay. You can shop my exact look as well as some of my current favorite polka dot pieces! | #ontheblog | #ootd | #travelThailand | #traveloutfit | #Bangkok | #visitThailand | #summerfashion | #polkadotdress | #polkadotoutfit

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It may seem impossible, but you can productively work at home with kids with these brilliant working mom hacks and tips. This advice for working moms will help you manage home and work effectively. #workingathomewithkids #howtoworkfromhomewithkids #workingmomadvice #howtoworkathome #stayfocusedworkingfromhome #workingfromhome #mombalance
Great advice and encouragement for a new mom leaving her baby girl or baby boy and going back to work after maternity leave! Baby proof your career baby and career

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Breastfeeding can be full of challenges. Just when you get the hang of it, some women have to go back to work. Pumping and returning to work can have it's own set of challenges! Learn some of those challenges, what you need to know, and what you need to get to be prepared! #workingmom #pumping #breastfeeding
Find the best breast pump for you, learn how to use it, how to store your breast milk, and what to do if you have problems. Great article.
pumping routine

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Going back to work after maternity leave is hard and challenging. Let's be honest. Let's have an honest, supportive conversation about it and talk about the benefits to your kids. #workingmom #backtoworkaftermaternityleave #maternityleave #backtowork #momtips
10 Tips on Returning to Work After Maternity Leave - wish I'd read this before going back! Such great tips - especially #3!
Maternity Leave Tips - Do's and don'ts to have the best maternity leave ever!

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Work After #Maternity-Leave : You never thought that going back to work would be this difficult, did you? Now that the time approaches, you are filled with dread and apprehension. You are not alone. The very thought of leaving their little one behind can fill new mothers with anxiety.Here are the tips to make your returning to work after maternity leave easier.
It's a good thing there are working moms in the world, here's why.

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Are you a helicopter mom? Hovering over your kids can damage your relationship and hinders your children's growth! Learn more about why helicopter parenting is bad, and how to change your controlling parenting for good. #positiveparenting #positivediscipline
Episode 5: The Psychological Importance of Play + How to Recover from Helicopter Parenting - Play. Learn. Thrive.

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Mom Advice on Generation Cycle of Bad Parenting
Mom Life | If you’re ready to break the cycle of bad parenting and give your kids the best possible start in life, this article is a must-read. Often this type of bad parenting is generational (taught and passed down to the next generation). Discover the signs of bad parenting and effective techniques for raising happy, healthy children.
tough love for sheltered child, helicopter parenting, emotionally healthy kids, parenting tips Tough Love Parenting, Helicopter Parenting, Parenting Methods, Emotionally Healthy, Helicopter Parent, Mindfulness Techniques, Smart Parenting
Parents Need to Stop Sheltering Kids from These Topics
Many parents shy away from these 5 tough love measures and, in result, raise a sheltered child. In reality, these acts actually contribute to resilient and emotionally healthy kids. Stop helicopter parenting and use these tough love parenting methods to raise resilient kids.
kids and faith, kids and pride, teach kids humility, teach kids about jesus, humble children tips, humility activities, kindness activities, summer activities Life Lessons, Simple Life, Parenting Advice, Mom Humor, Mom Life
Lessons in Humility (instead of Pride) for Kids
In a society obessessed with self-importance, ME, and pride learn how to raise humble teenagers with these simple life lessons in humility. Also, learn why it is so important that parents make these changes today. Great parenting advice for raising kind, compassionate, amazing teens.
mom advice, too strict of a mom, mean mom, be a better mom, happier mom, calmer mom, tips for calm moms, mom life, parenting Types Of Parenting Styles, Discipline Tips, Gentle Discipline, Parenting Types, Age Appropriate Chores, Strict Parents
Signs That You are Too Strict of a Mom
Advice for moms | You may be too strict of a mom if you kid is showing these signs. These redflags should help you realize that you may have too many rules, restrictions, and boundaries that can actually hamper your kids development. Check out the positive and gentle discipline tips instead!
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Bible Verses for Moms
Have you ever considered consulting the bible for verses on parenting? The Bible is a timeless source of wisdom, offering guidance on the right thing to do and inspiration to parents who want to raise their children in the light of God’s word.
mom advice on raising sons, mom and son bonding, when you feel your son drifting away, son growing apart, preteen boys, how to be a boy mom, boy mom quotes, boy mom life relationship tips Mom And Son Bond, Mother And Son Bond, Middle School Boys, Teenage Son, Growing Strong, Mom And Son, Growing Apart, Happy Birthday Song
Boy Mom Advice and Life Quotes on Growing Strong Relationships
Parenting tween boys and teenage boys can be scary and unpredictable terrain for parents. As your sweet little boy approaches teen years and moves through middle school and high school he may start to drift away from you. These tips will help you rekindle and maintain a close blond with your tween boy or teenage son.
pushing your kid away, kid pulling away, raising kids, raising teens, bonding with teenager, reconnecting with kids, busy mom, be a more mindful mom, tips for moms, new mom advice Mommy Tips, Push Away, Positive Parenting
5 Signs You are Pushing Your Kid Away Accidently
Mom Advice | Is your child pulling away from you and the family? Do you feel a disconnect? Sometimes, as parents, it is our own actions that push away our kids or teens. If these scenarios sound familiar, there are simple changes you can make to reconnect with your teenager and child and bond.
mom anxiety, mom life, advice for moms with anxiety, cure anxiety without medication, anxiety relief, emotional support for mothers, motherhood, tips for new moms, parenting with anxiety Metal Health, Racing Thoughts, Lifestyle Change, Help Others, Good Mental Health
9 Medication-Free ways I cured My Anxiety
As a mom, I have struggled with anxiety. A few years ago I cured my anxiety without using medication - using breathing techinques, mindfulness, and other quick and easy technqiues. I hope some of these 9 tips can help others improve their mental health the natural way.
am I too strict, parenting too strict, strict mom, be a happier mom, first time mom tips, parenting advice, self esteem activities for kids, mom humor, mom quotes First Time Mom Tips, Emotionally Stable, Mentally Healthy
Am I Too Strict of a Mom?
Am I too Strict of a Mom or Parent? Learn more about the the signs that you are too strict and simple gentle parenting adjustments to raise emotionally stable, mentally healthy, confident, happy kids! Great first time mom tips and experienced mom tips!
parenting, mom life, advice for moms, teaching kids to think critically, teach kids to say no, how to teach kids to say no to authority Kids Critical Thinking, Question Authority, How To Teach Kids, Parenting Techniques, Teach Kids, Critical Thinking Skills, Thinking Skills, Critical Thinking, Parenting
How to Teach Kids Critical Thinking Skills
Raise Critical thinkers | The art of raising critical thinkers may not be as challenging as you think! These 5 parenting techniques will help you raise kids who are independent thinkers and mindful humans. Teach your kids when and how to question authority with these tips and critical thinking skills.
mom guilt quotes, mom guilt feelings, stop mom guilt, mom life, advice for new moms, tired mom , angry mom Mom Guilt Quotes, Guilt Quotes, Mom Thoughts, Mom Guilt, Thoughts And Feelings
Common Mom Guilt Quotes and Feelings
I guarantee almost all moms have had these uncomfortable thoughts at one time or another. While you may feel guilty, it is important to know that these feelings are completely normal and expected.
mom advice, mom life, bonding with kids, connecting with kids, mom life Parenting Teen Boys, Preschool Routine, Kids Coping Skills, Parenting Teens Humor, Counseling Kids, Positive Parenting Solutions, Dad Advice, Conscious Parenting
Mom Advice on Reconnecting with Kids
Mom Advice | Are you looking for reasons why your kid or teen is pulling away? Sometimes, as parents, it is our own actions that push away our kids. If these scenarios sound familiar, there are simple changes you can make to reconnect with your teenager.
how to be a happy mom, how to create positive vibes at home, mom advice, mom life, parenting solutions Raising Kids, Simple Parenting, The Spark, Happy Mom, Kids Activities
How to Create Positive Vibes at Home | Mom Advice
Project positive energy onto your kids with these 5 simple parenting tips. Positive vibes are contagious, and these tips will help you spread the spark throughout your home. Raise Kids who grow to have memories of a HAPPY MOM with this carefree advice.
mom advice, what kids learn from mom, what moms teach girls, mom and son, mom life, new mom advice Mommy Ideas, Child Support, Baby Cat, Kids Watches
What Girls and Boys Learn from Their Mother
Our parenting choices can have a lasting impact on our children’s lives. Learn more about the behaviors that are learned from watching their parents and how to be an informed parent today!
breaking bad parenting cycle, generational curse, how to be a better parent, am i a bad parent, bad mom, be a better mom, calmer mom, how to stop yelling at my kids, mom life Godly Parenting, Victorian Children's Clothing, Generational Curses, Breaking The Cycle
Breaking the Cycle of Bad Parenting
Mom Advice | If you’re ready to break the cycle of bad parenting - also known as generational curses- and give your kids the best possible start in life, this article is a must-read. Discover effective techniques for raising happy, healthy children.