that one summer (satosugu)

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a hand holding up a card with a blue and white chair on it
Sami Mancini vintage Beach chair Original
Watercolor on paper
Illustrators, Graphic Design, Graphics, Layout, Design, Inspiration, I Love Books, Newspaper
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥jukubo
a handwritten note with writing on it that says, an old to summer - fives sunset orange and moss green
a quote from f scott fitzgerald about love and the short stories he wrote to her
Let it pass
a poster with the words we keep trying to talk about us i'm someone you maybe might love
🪐 ‧ ₊ * ⋆.
an open book with two hands touching each other's fingers and the words in my head i do, every thing right
an old photo with the words betty's garden written in green and yellow flowers
Taylor Swift: Folklore Album Vintage Postcard (2020)
a stack of cassettes stacked on top of each other
the words but every perfect summer's eating me alive are displayed in front of trees
an old newspaper with some type of writing on it, and the words in yellow are written
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the story of us book cover with an open book on it's front page
a postcard with an envelope and some writing on it