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When John’s told he doesn’t actually look like John Lennon at all. | "A Hard Day's Night"

♡♥John Lennon puts on his cap walking upstairs in July 1964 filming in the Beatles first movie 'A Hard Day's Night' - click GIF to see♥♡

Pour toutes ces images trouvées sur le net, un grand merci à leurs Créateurs. Merci de bien vouloir m’indiquer les Gifs que vous souhaiteriez que je supprime.

I just adore this JOHN LENNON gif! Pure John - trademark quick wit and sly faux coy expression of the early years. The cuddly, boyish Beatles avoided drinking in front of the kiddies, but tea was OK (at least until folks started smoking the stuff).

They read the news today, oh boy.~pinning for this beautiful comment.

Ebooks: the new reading Series: Ebooks: the new reading Ebooks: newspapers should capitalise on their archives (photo:Paul McCartney and John Lennon during the Beatles' heyday)