Claro que la mayoría de lo que esta aquí lo deseo y creo que casi todo lo voy a hacer jijiij

We've already done most baby,dog,kissunder water,chopsticks,middle of the road and the gingerbread house.

bucket list, before I die, dance in the rain.

Dance in the in the rain.swim in the rain.go on a flying fox in the rain! I've pretty much done everything in the rain!

Bucket list:

16 Animals Afflicted By Shyness

wheres the panda, peek-a-boo! omg so cute love him, I want a baby panda, THEY ARE SO CUTE!

bucket list ideas tumblr -

Apple Releases Safari 5.1.4 With Boosted JavaScript Performance

Go on an African safari + see the "big (lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, rhino)

And watch the sunset. (no way am I getting up early for the sunrise)

How Our Friends Who Die Young Can Live On Through Our Generation

//Bucket List no 47 - sit on a roof and watch the sunrise //

But really I need to do this

At least someone's having a White Christmas: Emperor penguins frolic on Snow Hill in Antarctica

A keeper holds baby gorilla Tano at Stuttgart Zoo, Germany. The young male gorilla born at Prague Zoo last week has been transported to S.

Se que esta meta está lejana porque nuestro plan es primero trabajar en corporaciones grandes aprender y luego aplicarlo. Pero no está demás tenerlo presente.

Honestly, I've always wanted to start my own business. Not sure what it would be, but I've always wanted to start a business.