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two pictures showing different stages of cutting down a tree
Bäume richtig schneiden
Die richtige Schnitt-Technik: Bitte nur scharfes Werkzeug verwenden, damit eine gerade, saubere Wunde entsteht. Der Schnitt sollte nicht zu dicht am Stamm angesetzt werden, weil dadurch der Astring zerstört wird. Für den Heilungsprozess sollte ein kleiner Astring stehen gelassen werden. Bitte jedoch nicht zu weit vom Stamm schneiden! Zu große Stummel („Huthaken“) können nicht zuwachsen. Mit der Zeit dringen Pilze oder Fäulnisbakterien ein. Äste werden hohl und können absterben. #tree #cut #d...
four different shots of a bird sitting on a tree branch, with the same photo being taken
Bäume richtig schneiden
So geht das richtig mit dem Baumschnitt ***
Grafting Tips Grafting Roses, Plantarea Legumelor, Growing Gardens, Hardy Perennials, Growing Fruit
Grafting Tips | ehow.com
Grafting Tips
three different types of poles with arrows pointing to the top and bottom one is green, while the other two are white
Hacer injertos
Injerto de parche
the diagram shows different stages of plant growth
On their own roots
Grafting to roots/ orchards and fullsized trees/grafting to produce scion with own roots/ healthier, longer lived trees
a cartoon drawing of a man in a suit hanging from a tree
T or Shield Budding
T or Shield Budding - one of the best grafts to use, has a high success rate even for beginners!
two pieces of wood that are next to each other with the words cuts together perfectly for maximum canbin contact
Garden & Lawn Tools
Grafting tool -- The omega-shaped cut of this grafting tool eliminates the fiddly (and often inaccurate) work of V-notch and whip grafting. As long as you have rootstock and scion of the same diameter, two centered omega cuts will fit them together perfectly, giving you a stable graft, with maximum cambium contact, ready for taping. With a good taping job, no wax or whipping is needed.
an image of three different objects in the same drawing style, one is made out of wood
Le greffage
an old drawing shows the different types of sticks
A DIY Tree Grafting Handout
an image of different types of bamboos and their uses in the planter's life
several different types of tools are shown in this diagram, with the red circle at the center
two pictures showing different stages of grafting and root grafting, with text below
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bud grafting and cleft grafting