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What Molly Did Next || On Yellow Paper

Louise Brealey on making peace with her naked body. << This is fucking amazing.

Sherlock 30 Day Challenge: Day 28// character you want to be the least

Sherlock 30 Day Challenge: Day character you want to be the least

Live webchat with Sherlock's Louise Brealey | Radio Times

The Radio Times are holding a live webchat tomorrow (Friday 28 June) between and with Sherlock’s Louise Brealey who plays the lovely Molly Hooper.

Molly ♥ The only person who Sherlock will completely confide in when it counted most. I love how moriarty said he was going to kill his friend, and he listed off three, but really there was four. Molly. And in that moment Sherlock knew he had kept his most precious friend safe.

Oh how I love Molly! She is such a sweet character, even though at first I admit I thought her kinda shallow her charge term has developed the so much and I love it!