Hannah Hock

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Artist Inspiration - Hannah Hoch - Which part goes where?

I love the randomness of Hoch's collages. No need to explain who belongs to which part of the anatomy! I think I used four photos from E-vint.com, doing some cutting and pasting along the way. Background is made from Googled Weimar banknotes. Inflation is rising rapidly (hence the ladder) and the economy is running slow (hence the machinery pieces).

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Body Collage

In light of the questions you posed on the Body Collective blog, I've been thinking about this collage I did when writing an art history paper about Hannah Hoch for my senior seminar last fall. As I wrote in my paper, "Throughout her lifetime Hannah Hoch used grotesque assemblages of photographic fragments from mass media sources to jar viewer’s cultural assumptions about gender and the fixedness of the world, as well as to express her own anxieties and uncertainties and those of Germany…