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a sign that says organized study time written in pink and blue on top of a white piece of paper
Organized Study Time
I would have done so many of these things in college if I had seen this then. Pinning it for my kids' future study needs.
a chocolate graduation cap on top of cupcakes with white frosting and red sprinkles
Throw a festive graduation party with these (easy!) themed desserts
Throw a festive graduation party with these (easy!) themed desserts
a hand holding up a graduation card with a hot air balloon
Graduation cap!
a woman wearing a black graduation cap with the letter m on it's side
Texas A&M University graduation cap diy idea, use a car window sticker/decal and stick it to your cap! Super cheap, easy, and cute! #graduationcap #diy
the monogrammed door mat is decorated with black, gold and white chevrons
DIY - #UCF graduation cap #chevron
two pictures side by side one has a graduate's cap and the other has a student's gown
Ladies, I just thought I would share a tip I learned... The left is from high school graduation (notice the fabric on my forehead), and the right is for college (notice the lack of fabric). If you tuck the front third of the fabric under your cap and secure the whole thing with bobby pins, you might like your grad pics a little more! Happy graduation, everyone!
an image of a bow tie on a table
Lilly Pulitzer graduation cap with monogrammed bow tie and pearls!
an embroidered monogrammed bandana with pink and green flowers on the bottom, in front of a blue background
grad cap amazing ☺
a pink graduation cap that says, what like it's hard? with a white bow on top
“What, like it’s hard?” TSM.
"What, like it's hard?" -Elle Woods.... Hahaha definitely sarcasm! Hygiene school makes me want to cry.
a birthday card with an image of balloons and the words you're off great places, today is your day
Grad Cap Decorations by Tassel Toppers
Dr. Seuss!! Professionally printed graduation caps. What's your favorite childhood memory?
a graduation cap with fireworks on it and the words after five years written on it
Disney Graduation Cap! Class of 2014!