Peter Janicina

Peter Janicina

Life is glorious !!!
Peter Janicina
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Tsushima No Kami Tachibana Tsunemitsu wakizashi from the collection of David W. Easley

Sifu Kisu of The Harmonious Fist / The martial sciences as a tool of self cultivation and self realization. / Pursue the good roots of non-contention / Les Ėtoiles / Bak Siu Lum Pai / ☯️/ Baguazhang / Jian Fa / Tao / Dharma / Science / Technology / حبيبي

The Creepy Gorgeous Fantasy Art of Jeff Simpson

The Creepy Gorgeous Fantasy Art of Jeff Simpson--spot on for the Tapestry walker I envision for the second novel in my series.


A sheath from skin with the wooden loose leaf inside.