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Soňa Skubanová
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I use to take nature pictures every single day, I miss it so much. Definitely doing soon!

Random Inspiration 121 - This picture has a shallow depth of field and a very central line (the fence) that leads your eye into the distance, which is all blurry, whereas in front the grass is very clear.


Reminds me of a story I was writing that I haven't worked on in months. The main character was this girl, Leslie Hale, and the woman in the picture looks older than her since Leslie is about but she has the same hair and face type, including the freckles.

Pottery Painting Ideas to Try This Year00005

Handmade Green Mountain Mugs For all your adventures in Vermont here's to remembering the beauty of them. Dishwasher & Microwave safe but hand washing always preferred.

Mermaid Outlines and Templates

5 mermaid styles in two different sizes, x 11 and half sheet sizes too. This PDF was created from my mermaid sketches. More sea life printable patterns coming soon! If you are on the hunt for patterns you don

(A través de thegoldenpisspot)

oh, how this picture touches my I remember my two little ones taking this same precious pose when I would trickle warm water on them at bath time.then they would laugh their sweet baby laugh. Memories, warm, lovely, and beautiful!