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a brown puppy sitting on top of a couch next to a white pillow with pink lettering
“Will you be my new mom?”
Will you be my new mom?
a brown dog standing on top of a sidewalk
Gypsyjae***Anything Goes: Photo
baby vizsla, vizsla puppies, dogs, short hair dogs, beautiful puppies
a dog sitting on top of a couch with the caption, i don't always make a mess but when i do, sit like a boss while you clean it up
HondenPage Fotogalerij van Randje
a dog is laying on the floor with his head down
Funny Pictures - 50 Pics
a little boy looking at a dalmatian dog jumping up into an open door
great expectations...
Daddy's home!
a dog wearing a red blanket with the caption i'm suspicious of people who don't like dogs but i trust a dog when it doesn't like a person
a sign that says, a spoiled dog lives here
Spoiled dogs live here.
a black dog sitting in a bathtub looking at the camera
You know, I really don't like this "bath" thingy!
a small brown and white dog sitting on top of a carpeted floor with its paw up
a black puppy sitting in front of someone's feet wearing brown boots and blue jeans
a close up of a dog's paw with it's eyes closed and paws stretched out