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a modern house with stairs leading up to it
House Between The Trees By Šebo Lichy Architects
House Between The Trees By Architect Šebo Lichy
a black and white photo of the exterior of a building with an unusual design on it
Heat Exchanger Kosice Slovakia / atrium architects slov.arch.zine
the house is made out of concrete and has many windows
Cubed concrete house by Plusminus Architects built outside Bratislava
House in Dlhé Diely, Bratislava, Slovakia by Plusminus Architects.
several floating houses on the water with trees in the background
Type Floating #House in #Slovakia by eXworks #architecture
an office building with many windows on the front and side, against a blue sky
Reding #Tower 2 Bratislava #Slovakia; by Peter Vitko, Kornel Kobák #architecture
a white house that is next to a fence
Family #House Dlhe Diely, Bratislava #Slovakia by PLUSMINUS Architects #architecture #villa
an architectural rendering of a building with multiple levels and balconies
fashion showroom by Patrik Kuva
an artist's rendering of the exterior of a building with people walking around it
popcenter in Bratislava, Slovakia by Peter Kuklica
an aerial view of a city with lots of trees and buildings on it's sides
Bohacky competition masterplan, Bratislava, Slovakia by Transform Architects
the floor plan for an apartment building with four floors and three levels, all in different directions
Bohacky villa type 1, Bratislava, Slovakia by SERIE Architects
an artistic rendering of a modern building in the middle of a city with people walking around it
Performance Centre in Vienna by Lenka Petrakova
an artist's rendering of a house in the middle of some trees and bushes
Boháčky Záhorská Bystrica Residential Development, villa type 4, Bratislava, Slovakia design by EFFEKT
the facebook logo is shown on a blue background
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a man standing in front of a tall building with a ring on it's side
Promotion image for event held in Vienna on Sep. 6th 2013 - Symp.in dedicated to archviz artists. image by Flying Architecture
an artist's rendering of a modern house in the middle of a green area
Bohacky Zahorska Bystrica Residential Development, Villa Type 5 in Bratislava, Slovakia by COBE architects