Slávka Holečková

Slávka Holečková

Slávka Holečková
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Multi color parrot 35×100cm by Sunthorn Phrachannok  Price: $65  Description: 35x100cm painting on white canvas

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:::Penguin::: "Hey, I'm Luke. I'm 19 and a reject of this city. I don't like cliques so I'm by myself. I don't really "like" to be around people either at the moment(bad past) I'm not outgoing around others. I'm depressed which makes me more of a loner. I sing for 5SOS and I will don't some meet and greats, but my face isn't actually happy at them. See you around. Come say hi if you're brave...."

Luke looking at Sloan after calum whispers in his ear about meeting her and her not knowing who they are

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why they look like that one spongbob episode where they were superheros.luke is patirick and Michael is spongbob!