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an easy cake mix recipe with lemon muffins in the pan and ingredients to make it
Cake Mix Lemon Muffins (Quick & Easy!)
pecan pie brownies stacked on top of each other
Brownies are topped with pecan pie filling to make the ultimate easy dessert! When you need an easy baking recipe to satisfy your chocolate sweet tooth pecan pie brownies are the easy dessert recipe you need! #easydesserts #brownies #pecanpie #pecan #easybakingrecipe #choclate #chocolatedesserts #simplerecipe
an image of old fashioned donut muffins with icing on top and the words old fashioned donut muffins above it
#Old #Fashioned #Donut #Muffins
#Old #Fashioned #Donut #Muffins
closeup of macaroni and cheese with nuts
German Chocolate Icing Recipe -
German Chocolate Icing Recipe - Genius Kitchen
no bake peanut butter bars with cashews on top for weight watchers
This is one of those recipes that I’m almost embarrassed to share. Don’t get me wrong. These little squares are quite tasty. It’s just that they’re so easy to make that it seems almost wrong. There’s plenty to like about these salty treats. First of all, peanut butter is always welcome with my taste buds. That is, of course, enhanced by all the peanuts. And, for a girl who really is not a fan of them, the marshmallows work beautifully. Plus, they have that wonderful sweet and salty thing going f
two muffins sitting on top of a white plate next to a cup of coffee
Glazed Doughnut Muffins
Glazed Doughnut Muffins These delicious muffins taste just like glazed baked doughnuts - without all the hassle!
16h 20m
the best sweet and sour sauces for dipping your favorite concoction or dessert
BEST Sweet and Sour Sauce
BEST Sweet and Sour Sauce - The Daring Gourmet
the best sweet and sour sauces for dipping your favorite concoction or dessert
BEST Sweet and Sour Sauce
The BEST Sweet & Sour Sauce. 5 ingredients and ready in 5 minutes!
a pile of pecans sitting on top of a white counter next to the words, lightly candid pecans 3 ingredients & 5 minutes
How to Make Lightly Candied Pecans in 5 Minutes - Mirlandra's Kitchen
Pecans with a kiss of dark brown sugar and butter, perfect with pumpkin pie or alone in a dish. Only three ingredients and 5 minutes. Easy as pie!
chicken lasagna on a plate with cheese and parsley
Chicken Lasagna
This creamy chicken lasagna is one of my favorite comfort foods ever. A classic lasagna recipe is reimagined with my favorite cheesy alfredo sauce, veggies, and chicken. #spendwithpennies #chickenlasagna #lasagna #easylasagna #cheesylasagna #homemadelasagna #creamylasagna #whitelasagna
the holiday card and cookie pairings are on display
Holiday Card & Cookie Pairings - Jamie Kamber
Spreading the holiday cheer comes in two forms this season: sweet treats and thoughtful American Greetings cards! See how both come together with these Holiday Card & Cookie Pairings. Sugar cookie bars with champagne buttercream to snowball cookies, each one of these homemade recipes pairs perfectly with a fun and festive card from Target. Head in store to pick up yours today!
several pieces of pecans are stacked on top of each other with caramel drizzle
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the words quick and easy candied pecans are in front of a pile of nuts
Quick and Easy Candied Pecans
1-pecans candied quick recipe
the best slow cooker pulled pork sandwich on a white plate with corn in the background
Crockpot Pulled Pork can be just as good as the smoked version!
Slow Cooker Pulled Pork
8h 5m