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Amazing Steampunk computer! I saw the gentlemen make this and it's amazing! Just…

ArtStation - SHOTGUN, Sergey Tsimmer

steampunktendencies: The Massive “Jungers... | Steampunk Hideaway

Art Nouveau ascensor

Art Deco Design Elements | visit etsy com

Art Deco Metal Door. Computing & Library Services, University of Huddersfield.

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D_BWPF_v005_001a, Boizenburger Plattenfabrik, Jugendstilfliesen "Egyptian Revivial", circa 1921-1924, Gallery of Arnold van Dijk, Netherlands

Art Deco was a style that can out of Paris in the mid 1920's. It was an interpretation of the Neo Classical styles of the 19th century Regency and Empire