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an image of a cartoon character with the words, mami oci ked son chori
Salt Painted Jellyfish
Difficulty: Easy Supplies • Card stock • Salt • Glue • Watercolors
two children playing on the beach with a sign in the background that says, mili rod
a wooden sign hanging from the side of a door
a girl reading a book in spanish with the words nedela written below her head
a woman is vacuuming the floor in her living room with an orange and pink frame
a girl and boy holding hands with a pencil in front of the caption that says,
a child holding a paintbrush and palette in front of a sign that says,
an image of two children holding hands with the words ponedlok written in spanish
a boy is holding a ball in his hand and the words are written on it
a poster with the names of different countries and their flags on it, including sun, clouds
a girl holding a giant pencil in front of a sign that says styrtrok