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Post by bold on Boldomatic - Yes. It’s funny because I actually do love early mornings sometimes but only if i’m getting up - Words Quotes, Me Quotes, Funny Quotes, Sayings, Funny Sleepy Quotes, No Sleep Quotes, Lazy Quotes, Visual Statements, I Laughed

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It's "too" a.m. for me ❥ haha! Indeed, I guess is my first thought all the mornings.

"Laugh and the whole world laughs with you.snore and you sleep alone. I need to get this for work! My poor sleep apnea patients. Chevron Signs, Need Some Sleep, Snoring Humor, Great Quotes, Funny Quotes, Sleeping Alone, Giving Up Smoking, I Love To Laugh, Humor

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"Laugh and the whole world laughs with you...snore and you sleep alone." | Shop Hobby Lobby

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Sleeping is my drug, my bed is my dealer, and my alarm clock is the police.

This is how I feel every morning!

I know it's not winter, were in August but hibernation is in full effect. Lol, today at least. This is once in a lifetime thing for me! Me Quotes, Funny Quotes, Funny Pics, Funny Pictures, Sleep Quotes, Cartoon Quotes, Minions Quotes, Daily Pictures, Random Quotes

Raise the bunting – throwing a pity party for one

Sometimes I just want to hibernate and throw a pity-party for one. We all have days like this no? Link/Pic takes you to #blog post,"Raise The Bunting - Throwing A Pity-Party For One" about feeling sorry for oneself whilst mid #flare. The joys of a #spoonie. Link: Pic not mine.

I love sleep. I'm tired of being awake and feeling. Wish i culd sleep and never wake up Sleep Quotes, Hurt Quotes, Quotes To Live By, Me Quotes, The Words, Im Tired Quotes, Tired Quotes Exhausted, I Love Sleep, Quotable Quotes

I love sleep...and haven't had any in a while. I'm tired of being awake and feeling.

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Beyonce And 8 Other Celebs Share Their Secret For Better Health

Mindy Kaling gets real about sleep

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Is it time for sleep?

I love sleep, really I do...I just don't like GOING to sleep.

Let Me Sleep Because I’m Never That Hungry.someone needs to tell McKenna this! Love Sleep Quotes, I Love Sleep, Pregnancy Guide, First Time Moms, To Tell, Never, True Stories, I Laughed, Haha

Let Me Sleep Because I'm Never That Hungry

Let Me Sleep Because I’m Never That Hungry

I can relate to this! lol 3 AM is history though. No more regular staying up late. =] More of emotion induced staying up late now. Goodbye 3 AM. Hello 4 AM! And Good morning 7 AMs! =\ I think my sleep pattern’s F-ed as is without insomnia. Great Quotes, Quotes To Live By, Funny Quotes, Cant Sleep Quotes Funny, Can't Sleep Quotes, Sleeping Quotes, Hilarious Memes, Awesome Quotes, Sleep Deprived Quotes

Dear 3 am, We have got to stop meeting this way. I'd much rather sleep with you.

Like sleep at night like "normal" people. I can't remember the last time I slept all night.

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You make me happier than when I look at my alarm clock and realize I've got more hours of sleep.