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a colorful teddy bear sitting on top of a white surface
a painting of a teddy bear with blue and red paint on it's body
an old fashion magazine cover with sunglasses on it
Vogue — July 1946
an image of a scary looking skull with fangs on it's face and eyes
the back side of a playing card with an image of a woman on top of it
peynetcarte 13
a piece of paper with writing on it and pictures of letters in the bottom left corner
a drawing of a clock with roman numerals and the word cartier on it
PAID POST by Cartier — The Genesis of Cartier Icons
some very pretty women and animals in different poses
Creeping Irrelevance
a drawing of an airplane flying over a coach
an advertisement for martini featuring a man in a suit and tie with the caption, your best and only friend
let's modernize the world together
two tigers with the word prada in pink and black on a light pink background
a painting with words written on it and hearts painted all over the bottom, in different colors
@lubonhaus | relatablemoods
a colorful piece of art that is on a wooden table and has many different designs
•art inspo•delineomer•
a painting with blue and black circles on it