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What I find funny is that the wolf representing Ciel is protecting the Sebastian one and I can not see that happening tbh 😂

Black Butler ~~~ Grell VS Sebastian ::: bwahahahahahah!!!

" "*gasp*" "I want to make you fly." "Oh Bassy, I'll fly anywhere for you!" *Picks Grell up* "*Squeals*" *Tosses Grell*

I love this

Black Butler ~~ The only demon to proselytize in favor of going to church. Awww Sebastian your so sweet to not want them in Hell with you *fake awing eyes*

Ikr!! What happened Grell??

That's the only word to describe that. And grell looked hot without long hair. And the trench coat. And his ongoing heshe orgasm on Sebastan. And those teeth. Those motherboopin teeth. By the way, Snape is killing me.

I’m not crazy.. ¬¬ ... XD

I think I would like to be called that as well ^^<<yup you know us mentally hilarious people love to be mentally hilarious--the undertaker is literally one of my fav characters.