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Reposting for Jesus not the miracle

I see why people post things about religion and Jesus and, I have nothing against that heck I post things about Jesus but, random people typing goofy crap and then saying that if you don't repost you don't love Jesus is crap.

I'm typing this with my nose and while holding my breath.. IM GONNA DIEDEEEEEEE

Actually you should yawn because you need oxygen to your brain.but ya know, gotta keep the repost community alive

Thank you random person who made this.

Why doesn't school teach us what our fandoms teach us? Just a tad bit more important than a side of a triangle. The side of a triangle is the key to life.

I hate that they put that he will do you a favor. He already did. He died for you! And He's working for your good

I'm sharing because I love God with all m heart. However, God sends his blessings and favors in his own due time. A post does not dictate his wills, But I love God and am proud of it.