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This is in my art bag today

I saw a group named "What's in your bag". It was mostly students showing off their expensive purses or backpacks, electronics, notebooks, and color coordinated gear. I immediately thought of the large purse with journal and art supplies that I sometimes carry. But it makes my shoulder hurt and I eventually go back to a smaller purse. That may work for a month or two, but it gets over-loaded eventually and I upgrade to one of my larger bags. It is a continuous cycle! I have an art bag I keep…

In My Bag

I carry all this with me in my bag everyday everywhere. Everything goes in my favorite @bookhou pouch except the sketchbooks.

Painted Thoughts Blog: Stealth Sketch Kit


You Carry All the Essentials in Your Purse

And then some . . .

Supplies while sketchingjournaling - version 2 - WetCanvas: Online Living for Artists

We have a sketchbook review thread. But, it takes more than a book or pad of paper to make a sketchbook or journal come to life. So, […]





A look at our own Liz Steel's current sketching tools!

Liz has branched out into teaching a range of workshops in her home country of Australia and abroad...and continues to sketch virtually every day, inspiring and delighting hundreds of us! Check her blog for this post on her current sketching tools... Thanks, Liz, for letting us share here, too!


I have a special place in my heart for a big slouchy purse, I've always been a fan. Buuut it's not always practical to carry about 10 lbs. of things on your shoulder. So, thats where this gem comes in. A teeny tiny purse is the greatest thing that has happened to me. Okay, maybe thats dramatic, but I really think it's life changing. I used to have really sore shoulders from carrying around so much weight, even when my purse wasn't full of useless crap, the weight of the leather was enough…

What's in my bag - leather on wool

Same items as in UPDATE: Actually, as compared to the bag I linked to above, I have... *+* added: - the Opinel knife - the BIC pen - the small Vaseline jar *-* have taken out: - a cable - the iPad charger - the Apple in-ear phones - the Hollywood strawberry chewing gum *#* have replaced: - the uni-ball green pen with a Lamy Safari green with green cartridge

2015夏版 東京ガールのバッグの中身を拝見! | VOGUE GIRL

モデルや人気VGRAMMERが登場! ファッショニスタのワードローブに欠かせない「サンローラン」や「アニヤ」、「ディオール」ほか個性に合った“it”バッグを一挙公開。

102 - EDC Backpack Update

You’ve might have seen my old EDC (Everyday Carry) Picture ( and now I’ve updated the Backpack a little bit. I also made a Video about my EDC Backpack: - 5.11 Rush 12 Backpack - Macbook Pro 15” - Muji Leather Notebook - Kindle 2012 - Arnette Sunglasses - Fuji XE-1 with Fuji 35mm f1.4 lens - Macbook Pro Charger - Sandisk Pouch for Headphone Splitter and Airplane Headphone Adapter - Apple USB AC Plug for Iphone…

Latest Sketching Bag / Handbag

As most sketchers can relate with, I'm always looking for that "perfect" sketching bag. I have several for various occasions..........some ...

James Gurney: What's in my bag | Boing Boing

James Gurney is the author and illustrator of the Dinotopia book series . His most recent books are called Imaginative Realism: How to Paint What Doesn’t Exist (2009) and Color and Light: A G…