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Algebra Techniques

Fast Algebra Techniques

At some point a math student needs to move from learning algebra to doing algebra. Many techniques that students learn are designed to facilitate a person’s understanding and remembrance of …

StainedGlassWindow with Linear Equations

Stained Glass Math Activity | Linear Equations Project

This Stained Glass Math Activity requires students to graph Linear Equations in order to create a colorful display window...

Slope-Intercept, Standard Form, & Point-Slope Notes

It's been awhile...

Slope-Intercept, Standard Form, & Point-Slope Notes

16 different linear verbal situations. Ss come up with equation, table & graph,

16 different linear verbal situations. Ss come up with equation, table & graph,

Solving Equations Puzzle

Solving Equations with Integers Puzzle

About this resource : This activity requires students to solve one and two step equations in order to fit puzzle pieces together. Some equations involve fractions, decimals or integers. A fun way to practice a very important skills! Includes a version that is not already put together, so students c...

Great activity to introduce systems of linear equations

Introducing Systems

Last Thanksgiving I i was walking around Hobby Lobby and saw some little white gift boxes i was wondering if i could do anything with them...

This is awesome!!! Algebras Friend: Virtual Filing Cabinet {online lesson resources listed by Algebra topic}

Filing Cabinet Algebra 1

Algebra 1, Math Activities, Student Engagement, Linear Functions, Quadratic Functions

The Secondary Classroom can be fun too.....: Conic Guided Notes

Conic Guided Notes

For conic sections, in particular, I have found that interactive notes have truly helped with explaining the basics for each section. The k...

Matching equations (slope-intercept and standard form), graphs, and tables

Project: Graphing Linear Equations

This project is designed for any algebra classroom. Students match the equation in standard form, in slope intercept form, the graph, the slope, and the y intercept for twelve problems.

Mrs. E Teaches Math: Ideas for practicing factoring and a link to a free matching card activity

Factoring Practice!

This card sort is a fun activity to help Algebra 2 students practice factoring polynomials.

algebra word problems

Algebra Word Problems

Learn how to write and solve equations based on Algebra word problems.

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Algebra Cartoons and Comics

Algebra funny cartoons from CartoonStock directory - the world's largest on-line collection of cartoons and comics.

Geometric & Arithmetic Sequences Download using Box

Algebra 1: Unit 7

In an effort to stay more up to date (oops!) I am uploading my latest unit of Algebra pages. I LOVE LOVE LOVE sequences! That was definite...

Awesome Algebra 1 lesson plans and ideas

Algebra 2: Error Analysis

My algebra 2 students needed more practice solving equations with rational exponents. I was trying to think of an interesting and yet stil...

Pages for interactive notebook...Algebra Topics

Math Equals Love | Math Teaching Blog by Sarah Carter

Here are some pics of the most recently added pages to our Algebra 1 interactive notebooks. My students are just now finishing up our chapter on inequalities. Tuesday, we will start ratios and proportions. After telling my students this, they let me know that they greatly dislike proportions. I can't wait to change that! I think what really bothers my students is the fractions. Once I show them that fractions are nothing to be scared of, I think they will come around to proportions. So far…