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a tray with christmas trees cut out of paper
Vitajte - Spolupozaš
light box
christmas counting puzzles on the light table with handprinted letters and numbers to match
Christmas Counting Puzzles on the Light Table!
Christmas Counting Puzzles on the Light Table! A hands-on way to teach counting, number order and number recognition to preschoolers.
a table topped with lots of different types of letters and numbers on top of it
Totally Random Light Table Play
alphabet activity with bingo chips
a little boy that is looking at some food on a table and pointing to it
Sticky Fall Tree Light Table Activity
Light table sensory activity for kids inspired by fall leaves from And Next Comes L
the collage shows different shapes and sizes of paper cut out to look like children's artwork
Aliens, Robots & Monsters! - Stimulating Learning
Laminated cellophane shapes on the homemade lightbox - from Rachel (",)
the child is playing with different colored dots on the paper and making them look like they are looking at something
DIY Light Box for Sensory Play - The Imagination Tree
DIY light box for sensory play! Create a homemade light table for sensory play and investigation with kids, using simple and affordable items from around the home! *repinned by
two hands reaching for candy on a tray
The wonderful world of water bead play
Teach Preschool | All About Water Beads/ clear dip and chip server is fun in the light box.
a young boy looking at an illuminated cube
August explorations on the light table
Light Table ideas and activities
a person standing in front of a television with green grass on the screen and feet up
Squishy Bag - A tactile/multisensory approach to pre-writing and writing skills | Activities For Children | Sensory Activities, Squishy Bags
Make a gel bag to place on a light box. Great for sensory exploration, cause and effect, and fine motor development.
the colorful paper has been cut into squares
"L" Week is Lovely!
Tissue Paper on the Light Table
a young boy is playing with a board game
Guest Post: A homemade light table for preschool
light table for preschool | Table lumineuse en maternelle
someone is making a light box with string lights on it and the words, what to do with a diy light box
Quick & Simple DIY Light Table for All-Ages Learning Fun
How to make a DIY Light Box and some easy and fun ideas for the kids to do with a light box.
several different colored stickers sitting on top of each other
First, cut up colored dividers into shapes and line the borders with masking tape to make them durable. These are great for light exploration, color mixing, and shape identification.
many different pictures of trees and leaves on the table with text that reads we love creating trees on the lightbox - here we used sticks & leaf beads found
Enjoying Autumn - Stimulating Learning
Light box