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The second man to walk on the moon, U. astronaut Buzz Aldrin, is being photographed by the first man on the surface, Neil Armstrong, during their Apollo 11 moon walk on July Image: US astronaut Buzz Aldrin (© Universal History Archive/Getty Images)

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Here is a Voyager 2 view of Jupiter that hasn't been seen before. The original data consists of eighteen images, nine each captured through orange and violet filters by Voyager 2 as it approached the greatest planet on June

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Voyagers Golden Record 1977 The Voyagers: A Short Film About Love, Hope, Space, and Carl Sagan (Video)

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NASA unveiled a new prototype of the crowdsourced spacesuit astronauts will wear on Mars

The Final Frontier, Finals, Final Exams

Pouso Na Lua, Apollo 11, Nasa, Buzz Aldrin, 1969

Free Image on Pixabay - Moon Landing, Apollo 11, Nasa

Kevin Gill | Flickr

Kevin Gill | Flickr

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It is a hurricane twice the size of the Earth. It has been raging at least as long as telescopes could see it, and shows no signs of slowing. It is Jupiter's Great Red Spot, the largest swirling storm system in the Solar System

NASA Voyager Space Sounds - Jupiter - YouTube

saint-amant: “just–space: “ Jupiters Great Red Spot, magnificent and opalescent and utterly gigantic. Reprocessed view by Bjorn Jonsson of imagery made by Voyager 1 in 1979 js ” ”

Jupiter sound - NASA Voyager Recording - YouTube

has an instrument called which means Jupiter Energetic-particle Detector Instrument how awesome is that?