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there is a shelf with some shoes on it and a light switch in the background
Cedar and steel kitchen shelf! Visit for more amazing wrought iron designs!
a close up of a wooden table with two handles on the top and one handle attached to it
industrial shelf brackets
industrial shelf brackets - Google Search
an old fashioned bar with wine glasses and bottles on the top, sitting in front of a gray background
an orange and black table with curved legs
Butterfly Table - FineWoodworking
unbelievable design
an old circular metal object sitting on top of a wooden floor
a close up of a metal object on a wooden surface
Yer döşemesi için 22 öneri
Odanız için 22 döşeme fikri
two springs are attached to the back of a vehicle
a red stop sign sitting on top of a wooden floor
there is a woman that is bending over some wood
Loading... #Woodworking
three different views of an office desk made out of metal pipes and wood, including the top
The Steampunk Desk | Industrial Office Desk | Steel Vintage | Bespoke
The Steampunk Desk - arguably one of Steel Vintage's most impressive designs. The combination of hand fabricated radiators, copper pipe work and cast steel valves ensures an authentic look.