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the different types of metal and wood shavings are shown in this diagram,
Wood Carving Tools Kit, Sloyd, Hook, Detail Knives, Hardwood Handle Grips, Carbide Blades Sharpener Included 19 Piece Set
Brand: GaxcooFeatures: ✔ GREAT KIT FOR BEGINNERS - This Is A Great Set For Beginners Great Value For The Price. Tools Are Easy To Handle, Especially For Beginners. The Tools Are Easy To Handle And Sharp. Very Easy To Hold And Work With. Great For Kids, Children. ✔ GET THE JOB DONE! - Tools Are Sturdy And Sharp Enough To Get The Job Done. The 12 Pcs Are Meant For Small, Precision Jobs. The Hook Knife Is Perfect For Spoon, Bowel Or Cup Carving. The Sloyd Knife Is Designed For Wood Carving, Whittli
two pieces of metal sitting on top of a brown table next to each other with holes in them
Outils à quadriller le bois.