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How to Draw Three Dimensionally (3D)
Here's a quick video teaching you the concepts you need to understand to make something look "3D" - For more info check out my drawing basics course on Proko.
A Common Sketchbook Mistake Artist's Make
Most new artists treat their sketchbooks as precious. Don't do that! Think of them as a playground for you to learn and expirment. If you seek perfection with each page you'll get frustrated and may even quit drawing all together. Video taken from my Drawing Bascis course.
How to Crosshatch Like A Pro
It's a crosshatching masterclass! Get 3D forms with just lines and these techniques from comic artist David Finch
How to Thumbnail Sketch for Caricature
A quick demonstration of caricature thumbnail sketches which helps you think of different ways to caricature a person. Check out the entire lesson for more details!
How to Draw Life Studies from Video
Studying from life gives you a much more dynamic drawing than just studying from an image. You see the before and after of a pose and infuse that energy into your drawing. Here's tips on how to do it from David Colman #drawinganimals
How to Draw the Eyes
Here's a quick lesson on how to draw the eyes 👀 #drawing #sketching
How to Draw the Neck
Draw the neck with a simple form and give yourself an accurate quick start when drawing from imagination!
How to Learn to Draw
When you were a baby, you learned how to talk by listening and repeating words, and you can learn how to draw the same way. Drawing is a way to communicate with pictures instead of words! Learn more in my Drawing Basics course on Proko
How to Draw Hair
Drawing hair starts with form, not the strands! Try this method next time you draw hair and see how big of a difference it makes.
Shading from Imagination
Shading without a reference can seem like a BIG challenge but we can make it easier on ourselves with these simple steps. For more information on how I draw hands, check out my course Anatomy for Artists!
How to Measure with a Pencil
Wonky proportions? Fix it with the tool you already have in your hand! When drawing from a reference, photo or live model, you can keep accurate proportions with this technique. This gives you a strong foundation to then exaggerate or render further. #pencilart
the book cover for how to digitally paint in grayscale by proko com / digital painting
How to Digitally Paint in Grayscale
Learn how to approach a digital grayscale painting using reference. I'll show you how to layin an accurate initial drawing and work with shapes and values all while explaining how to utilize your drawing software to its full potential. #figuredrawing #digitalpainting
a drawing of a spiderman hanging from a wire with the words basics of comic shading
Basics of Comic Shading with David Finch
Comic icon David Finch teaches you how to master one of the most important elements of making dynamic comic art: shading #comicdrawing #drawingtutorial
Halloween is here, so... Zombies. Let's use what we've learned in the anatomy course to draw the walking dead. Walking Dead, Inspiration, Scary Art, Zombie, Dead Zombie, Zombie Halloween
Drawing the Walking Dead
Halloween is here, so... Zombies. Let's use what we've learned in the anatomy course to draw the walking dead.