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a bunch of nails that are on top of a sheet of paper with the words day 1 written in it
Rust Dyeing Fabric
Rust Dyeing Fabric – Jessica Merle
Don’t miss this quick Shibori pattern reveal!!
three different types of linens on a wooden floor with the words cotton, end bath and linen printed on them
Natural Dye Variation: A Visual
six different colored pillows sitting in a white box on top of each other, one is gray and the other is green
Post | DekelDyes
an assortment of different colored pieces of cloth on top of each other, with frayed edges
How to Dye Fabric Using Plants From Your Garden
a person holding a stack of cloths in their hands and wearing an apron on the other side
four different colors of linens on the floor with labels labeled in english and italian
Natural Dye Variation: A Visual
some carrots are laying next to each other on a white wooden surface with different colors
How to make green (Blog - Botanical Threads)
five different colors of fabric on a table with labels in front of them that say,
four pieces of cloth with different types of dirt on them
🌿 Keep it simple! It's often the best way...
a sheet of paper that has some type of paint on it with different colors and sizes
Our New Colour Palette
six different colors of linens with the names of each one on them, all lined up in rows
My Favorite Resources for Natural Dyeing - Side Lake Stitch
three pieces of paper with words on them sitting on top of a bed covered in white sheets
tanya robinson
several pieces of cloth are laid out on a table with frayed edges and fringes
A Day of Natural Dyeing | Eco-Age
six pieces of cloth laid out on top of each other in different colors and sizes
a sheet of paper that has some type of dye on it and the words natural dyeing
a sheet of paper that has different types of fabric on it and the words, black bean