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the words are written in an ornate frame
Beauty and the Beast- The spell could only be broken by love
a poster with an image of a squirrel eating blueberries on a branch and the words, little by little day by day what is meant for me will come my way?
an image of two eyes with stars on the top and bottom part of their lashes
Art, pop art, modern art, drawing inspo, eyes, hearts
an image of a fairy sleeping on the ground with a quote above it that says, the
Cancer moon & rising
a yellow flower with the words you are exactly where you need to be
You are exactly where you need to be💛
a painting of a tiger laying on the ground next to a body of water with butterflies flying over it
a window view of flowers and trees with a quote on the glass that says, the love you give out into the world will always find its way back to you
Pretty quotes
pink tulips in the foreground with a lake and trees in the background
a quote that reads, i do not desire medicore love i want to drown in someone