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a candle sits on top of a table with flowers and greenery in front of it
Senoia Wedding by Odalys Mendez Photography
an old wooden box with a handle on it's top and two drawers below the lid
Security Measure
The best hanging candlebox I have ever owned. Fabulous condition including original red paint and leather hinges. Grand scale at 28 inches tall!
a wooden clock that has a tree on it
Mission / Craftsman Tile Frame
Mission / Craftsman Tile Frame | Etsy
a wooden wall hanging with an acorn on it's side and a green tile in the middle
Arts & Crafts/Craftsman Style Frames
craftsman movement | Arts & Crafts/Craftsman Style Frames | Arts and Crafts Movement
a wooden frame with trees and water in the center on a green wallpapered background
Corner Block Picture Frame with 2 Inch Wide Rails | Oak Park Home
Arts and Crafts Tile frame