Stefania Mikova

Stefania Mikova
Stefania Mikova
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Bathroom sink (Turkish style)

moroccan decor inspiration -- for the bathroom, beautiful sink with intricate tile. love the color alone but being able to tile something like this would be fabulous

My Turkish Kitchen: TAVA BÖREĞİ Borek with milk & feta

My Turkish Kitchen: TAVA BÖREĞİ Borek with milk & feta Ingredients: Turkish pastry leaves cup of milk of vegetable oil 1 egg lb.

Turkish red lentil soup - forever on the hunt for a perfect recipe to bring my taste buds back to Istanbul.

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How to Make Rose Water

Rose water can be made in a variety of ways, some more complicated than others. Traditionally, rose water is made by distilling fresh rose petals with water. This can be done with a double-boiler at home. While it is not extremely difficult, it is somewha