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Štefan Žihľava

Štefan Žihľava
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Nibiru Planet X Extinction. Planet X, aka Nibiru or Planet Nine, to cause Mass Extinction on Earth in the near future?

Is the disorder and lawlessness of the natural world. -weather -murder against the king -Macbeth's insanity -witches were uncommon

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Minimalistic Abe. Geometric Video Game Characters by Simon Delart.

French graphic designer Simon Delart, aka uses triangular shapes to create these cool illustrations of superheroes and video game characters. via Geek Art Simon Delart

Abe's Oddysee Poster by Conor Smyth

Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee Video Game Posters - Created by Conor Smyth You’ll have to travel back to the year 1997 to remember the original release of this classic platformer, but now the game has been re-released this summer for Playstation These.

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