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33 Wedding Dress Details To Swoon Over
33 Wedding Dress Details To Swoon Over
a white dress with pink flowers on it and silver brooches hanging from the back
Bags, Bag Lady, My Style, Chicme, Style, Collection, Brand, Model, Women
The Bags of Dior Fall 2013 Runway Collection - Spotted Fashion
a close up of a embroidery with a butterfly on it
Embroidery by @georgie.k.emery | #tempuradesign if you would like to be featured Submissions/business inquiries tempuradesign@gmail.com…
some scissors are laying on top of fabric and other crafting items that include butterflies
Apatetic (adj.) assuming colours and forms that effect deceptive camouflage . . Papilio Demoleus - commonly known as the swallowtail…
an embroidered piece with many different types of animals and insects on it, including a heart
Pure Heart Embroidered Tapestry | Etsy
a heart brooch with pearls and jewels on it sitting on a lace doily
Bijoux en perles – Bijoux en verre fin de mer
unique Bijoux en perles
an open book with colorful feathers on it and writing in the page next to it
Book review- Haute Couture Ateliers: The Artisans Of Fashion!
Thanks to Meghan from The Vendome Press for sending me another gorgeous book, Haute Couture Ateliers: The Artisans of Fashion , authore...
a person is working on some pretty blue flowers
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