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a blue and white doll hanging on a wall
Calmy Waters
a woman's head is made out of feathers and has an umbrella shaped like it
Dragonfly Spirit
a doll with colorful hair and flowers on it's head sitting in front of a plant
a doll with colorful hair and glasses sitting on the ground
Miss Bronwyn
a doll is wearing a colorful knitted shawl
three dolls are standing next to each other in different colors and sizes, one is wearing a colorful headdress
Wise Ones and Elders
a doll is dressed in blue and green polka dot clothing with flowers on her head
‎Maggie Tuite
two figurines are dressed in brightly colored clothing and holding each other's hands
Stump Dolls
a doll with long hair and colorful clothing
a woman with green hair wearing a colorful dress and holding her hands behind her head
‎Maggie Tuite
the doll is wearing a dress and hat
a colorful doll with flowers in it's hair sitting on top of a table
two colorful figurines sitting on top of a table next to a potted plant